ANASTÁCIA, ZÉ EUGÊNIO & BAND (Brazil / Berlin / France)

“Forró in the City“ – Brazilian Dance Music

The concert program includes rhythms from northeastern Brazil, as Xote, Xaxado, Baião, Côco and Samba, to many of his own compositions from Anastácia Azevedo and Zé Eugênio. Who wants to really learn something about Brazilian music, which should have seen Anastácia Azevedo, and Zé Eugênio. The music conveys the beauty and the dreadful, the glad and the sad face of her country with a lot of Rough Trade. “(TIP Berlin)

The Band Components are:

Anastácia Azevedo – voc – Eugênio Rodrigues- git, voc – Delphine Maillard-bass – Juninho Quebradera- perc.- Ney Victor- drums