DJ FARRAPO (Bologna)

DJ FARRAPO (Bologna – Italy)

BROOTS Edition: 22.0562012

 Italian dj, musician and producer. His solid reputation as a dj has seen him perform in clubs from Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Polonia, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Brasil, sharing the console with many top dj’s like Rainer Truby (Germany), Paul Murphy (UK), Buscemi (Belgium), Flow Dynamics (Australia), Drumagick (Brasil), Marcelinho Da Lua (Brasil), Zero DB, and many others . His research and production style is influenced by his love of traditional music from all over the world and he has perfected a unique blend of Balkan, Brazilian and Afro sounds mixed up with contemporary dancefloor rhythms such as moombahton, drum’n’bass, deephouse, break beat.
He release several singles (Afro Art Rec, Record Kicks, Agogo Rec, Tam Tam Studio, Urban World Rec) and his tracks was also included in very well know compilations like “Hotel Costes 11”, “Brazilectro 10”, “Sambass”.