31.03.2012 BRAZIL ROOTS goes LATIN

21:00 ### OPEN DORORS

G7 productions proudly presents

Hosted by Dj GArRinchA

@ Wasserturm Kreuzberg





Brazilian Fusion meets Latin Beats, the request for roots vibrations

Feel like jumping with Raw & Stomping Brazil & Latin Roots

 BRAZIL ROOTS goes LATIN 31.03.12



LA MULA SANTA (Chile /Armenia / Spain / Malta)

The First Chilean Cumbia Band from Berlin

From Tierra del Fuego at the extreme southern of South America until the United States, from the Andes to the Atlantic coast, the Colombian Cumbia is popular, while in Europe it is still an amazingly well kept secret. Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, this music has been not only in Latin America but also international success. The Band identity comes not only from the infectious beat of the Cumbia, but also of different Latin-American rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Bomba, Guajira, Reggaeton and Latin Rock.


EMERSOUND & BAND (Brazil / France / Spain / Argentina)

Brazilian grooves Fusion


EMERSOUND stands for the charismatic musician Emerson Araújo plus Band. The mission is a vibrant party location and the pure energy of life. Adrenalizing grooves, pounding horns, powerful songs this is the fusion that make this Sound so special, also nice up to jump and dance. This is the way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Mangue-Beat to create with the music Brazilian tradition and modern developments something unique, the Bands shows his energetic fusion of samba, reggae and many other Rhythms.


Line Up with

Dr. Sócrates (Galicia / Berlin)

Afro Beat meet Latin Vibrations on the Turntables

Dr. Sócrates is a Dj and he really have a Dr. in addition. Author, writer and Art Exhibition curator based in Berlin he come from Galicia in North of Spain. Dr. Sócrates has been djing in Berlin for more than ten years in the underground scene, his mix between Afrobeat, Latin, Boogaloo, Reggae, Black Music and much more is the result of a tireless and thorough search for the Beats and Artists that not belong to the music main stream business, thus Dr. Sócrates spins always a lot of surprises with music that you really want to listen but you do not know how.


Dj GArRinchA (Brazil / YAAM Berlin)

Rare Groove Brazilian, Black, Funk Roots Nice up to Dance

 DJ GARinchA spins sets that celebrate the rhythm of Brazilian music, mixed with the best grooves. The absolutely danceable beats are an explosive mixture of the rhythms from Brazil and its connections to the rest of the World, for example the respective Brazil Movement to the “The Sixties” the well-known “Jovem Guarda and Psychedelics”, its rhythm, sounds of fuzzy guitars and trash drums sound bring you to a new experience with the matter “Brazilian Music”. This is the “Brazil Roots Music” that the most people in Europe don´t know, Dj GArRinchA bring it to you every mouth with Guest Dj´s from the European scene. The ultimate request for roots vibrations nice up to dance in Berlin. Come to the Roots side of the Music in Berlin!



Show respect! Good behavior is a must! Against homophobia and discrimination

21:00   OPEN DOORS


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U-Bhf. Platz der Luftbrücke / U-Bhf. Gneisenaustraße / Bus 341, 104, 119


VVk 5 € / AK 8 €.


In the Press:

 “The new platform for live music and performances dedicated to the fusion of different styles in Yaam. Host DJ Garincha presents musicians who create from Brazilian traditions and modern developments something new, it brings an energetic fusion of samba, reggae and hip-hop.” – Tagespiegel


A new platform for live music and performance in Berlin is dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia. Host DJ Garrincha presents musicians who create with the music Brazilian tradition and modern developments something unique, the Bands shows his energetic fusion of samba, reggae, hip-hop, Latin, Balkan, Afro-Beat and pop.” – Zitty Berlin