Djane Grace Kelly (Brazil)

Grace Kelly (Salvaldor / Berlin)

First International Djane in Berlin

Djane Grace Kelly

DJ Grace Kelly reached Berlin in 1996 along one our modern times silk routes, leading from Bahia in Brazil to the verge of Western Europe. If one aims to describe the explosiveness of her urbanized music, this travel is an essential point. DJ Grace Kelly, christened this way in a small Brazilian village by her parents, embodies what happens to culture when it travels and expands.

Your DJ career began two years later when she got the opportunity to play for Afoxé Loni, one of the most beautiful and musically demanding carnival groups of the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to the festival Heimatklänge in Berlin and was booked regularly as a DJ for the festival in the coming years. Since then she rocks numerous Berlin decks and vibrates dance floors around the world with its unique Mundo Mix.

In Berlin she hasn’t been missing in any event, she take the Global Beats as mission, from Pop Festivals in Europe to numerous events like in the House of World Cultures, at the Berlinale, in Liquidrom, the Mudd Club, the Far Out, the Green Salon, in the Kulturbrauerei, the Palace of Tears, the Hebbel am Ufer, the trumpet, the Volksbühne, the Lido, the BKAtheater, in Pfefferberg, or at the Berliner Festspiele.