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22:00 hs OPEN DOORS ★ 23:00 hs LIVE ★ After Show Party Open End
at YAAM Berlin – An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin
★ 5,- € for all till 22:30 ★ 6,- € Online VVK oder with original Flyer ★ 8,- € Box Office



★GArRinchA & Dr.Sócrates (Tropical Diaspora) Strictly Vinyl

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Forró Maragandá @ Tropical Diaspora

The Brazilian Latin rhythms are known world wide, we experience in the last years a explosion popularity in Europe of one specific rhythm, also the Forró. Berlin as the unofficial diaspora capital in Germany couldn’t stay out in this development and bring out for sure one of the most powerful forró band in Europe. With a strong traditional forró repertoire rhythms like xote, baião and arrasta-pé. The basic formation of the band with Philipe Alves playing Accordion, João Afojubá with Percussions, Fabiano Lima with the Zabumba and Mariano Habib with the Triangle is enough to bring the floor to dance together all night long and beyond bring people from all districts in the city to the place where they play. In the last two tropical diaspora events the band had a guest from Pernambuco – Brazil playing Rabeca the violin instrument adapted to the forró, his name is Hans Santos and live in Germany for a while this year and will be in the next event for the last time this year, also don´t miss the 28.08.15 inna YAAM Berlin. The last event in the whole original formation featuring Hans Santos with the Rabeca was the highlight in this year for me as Tropical Diaspora and for our guest that couldn’t imagine what a wonderful night they would experience.

Band Components:

★ Philipe Alves – Sanfona ★ Biano Lima – Zabumba  ★ João Afojubá – Pandeiro ★ Mariano Habib – Triangulo ★
 Featuring Hans Santos – Rabeca


Forró Maragandá @ Tropical Diaspora

Forró Maragandá @ Tropical Diaspora


After Show Tropical Dance Party all Night Long with

GArRinchA (São Paulo / Berlin)

★ Strictly Vinyl Rare Brazilian and Afro Latinamerica Grooves ★

GARrinchA, the resident spinner and creator of the Tropical Diaspora Roots Sound, describes his party’s musical ethos as “A new platform for live music and performance in Berlin dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.”He’s right: The melting pot of samba, bossa, cumbia, dancehall, Afrobeat, Funk, Soul, Salsa and many other styles results in a bump ‘n’ grind groove that the people can’t get enough of. Fresh from gigs in Brazil, the DJ are kicking off a new series of monthly parties in the YAAM (, featuring many local Bands and DJ´s from Europe and worldwide.

Dr. Sócrates (Vigo / Berlin)

★ Strictly Vinyl Afro Beat meet Latin Vibrations on the Turntables ★

Dr. Sócrates is a Dj and he really have a Dr. in addition. Author, writer and Art Exhibition curator based in Berlin he come from Galicia in North of Spain. Dr. Sócrates has been djing in Berlin for more than ten years in the underground scene, his mix between Afrobeat, Latin, Boogaloo, Reggae, Black Music and much more is the result of a tireless and thorough search for the Beats and Artists that not belong to the music main stream business, thus Dr. Sócrates spins always a lot of surprises with music that you really want to listen but you do not know how.

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About the Music from a diasporic point of view


*Diaspora is the dispersion of a population from their native land (from Greek διασπορά, “scattering, dispersion”)
About the Music from a diasporic point of view
Recently, scholars have distinguished between different kinds of diaspora, based on its causes such as imperialism, trade or labor migrations, or by the kind of social coherence within the diaspora community and its ties to the ancestral lands. Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland. Other qualities that may be typical of many diasporas are thoughts of return, relationships with other communities in the diaspora, and lack of full assimilation into the host country.With the Tropical Diaspora Roots Sound we try to make reflections on a diasporic phenomenon in the Music. This refection show us that the whole Music we select in our events and all other movements connected to the tropical term come originally from Africa. All music styles at the and come directly from there or was reinvented in an African diaspora in other continents like south America, Carib or north America. Currently we experience the clash of all Diaspora in Europe where all people from all over the world can meet and share his own musical influences with other people. The result of this melting pot we call TROPICAL DIASPORA and fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony that happens in Berlin at the YAAM. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Tropical Diaspora is. You have to hear it for yourself! An example of our concept of diaspora in the music, the Tropical Diaspora Vol. 26 in the old YAAM Venue -12 Grad Celsius.Two legends in the Afrobeat together in the stage with a young band with guys from many countries in Europe also Akwasi & Kologbo Feat. World Squad with the song by  Kologbo – Remember Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

“I want to play music that is meaningful, that stands the test of time,”. “It’s no longer commercial; it’s deep African music, serious music,….” – FELA KUTI

Tropical Diaspora powered by YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin, Germany