GOOOOL! 10th June 2010 In concert




GOOOOL! 10th June 2010

In concert:



"Mit Thilo 'Teka' Jacks und Manar El-Abed haben sich zwei Veteranen des Reglerschiebertums zusammengefunden, um ein neues Projekt zu ge“bär“en. Der Kölner und der Franzose, die sich schon seit Schulzeiten kennen, haben für das Debütalbum der Koalas Desperados insgesamt 17 Musiker und 17 Vokalisten (u.a. Nosliw, Jaqee, Bezegol, Korbo, Paco Mendonza, Nubla, D-Flame und Maxim) aus 15 Ländern auf Rille gebracht.

Jetzt geht das Soundkollektiv mit seinem Drops aus Latin-Beats, Soca und Reggae aus der Karibik, Afrobeat, französischem HipHop und portugiesischem Fado endlich raus auf die Bühnen. Und dieser globale Ansatz ist denn auch mal wieder gut gemacht – und nicht nur gut gemeint.

Frisch wie’n Eukalyptusbonbon, heiß wie’n Tropensturm, knuffig wie’n Dschungelbär: Meet The Koalas!" Source: Glashaus

Openend party with DJ GARRINCHA          (Sao Paulo/Berlin)



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"This is the debut full-length by a new breed of urban immigrant koalas, called Koalas Desperados, an international conglomeration of musicians organized by Cologne-based reggae producer Teka and his partner-in-crime, France's Manar. The duo easily managed to integrate 17 musicians and 17 vocalists from 15 countries in an organic way, melding the finest beats and riddims with many voices in even more languages to construct global urban vibes. Thilo "Teka" Jacks and Manar El-Abed have come a long way together, knowing each other since school days and having spent lots of time in closely-related band outfits and door-to-door rehearsal rooms of the '90s Frankfurt reggae and punk scene. While Teka went on to become co-founder and inhouse-producer of Cologne-based reggae label Rootdown Records, Manar moved to the south of France and joined the scene based around the infamous hangout bar Rebuffy as a DJ and producer, managing to build an impressive amount of contacts to local musicians and MCs. And so, the multicultural, genre-bashing musical mix comes naturally to the Koalas masterminds. Every member has a lot to offer and to bring to the huge Koalas Desperados table. While D-Flame, Nosliw, Laura Lopez-Castro and Maxim are household names in the German popular music scene, other Koalas ring quite a few bells in their home countries as well. Stand-out talents like Paco Mendoza (Argentina), Jaqee (Sweden/Uganda), Portuguese MC Bezegol, female MC Ms. Maiko from Gran Canaria, Macaco and Nubla from Barcelona, and Hector Gomez aka Lhabanero (Cuba) guarantee a perfect balance of versatile genres that come together here: reggae, hip-hop, fado, Afrobeat, and a variety of Latin elements as well. The Koalas Desperados enjoy their organic urban life in the global village: legalize eucalyptu"


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Frankfurt am Main, do. 10 JUNI 2010

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