La Severa Matacera returned stronger than ever with their latest album V.I.S.A. released by Kallpa Records and with the collaboration of renowned New York Reggae & Ska composer and producer King Django. With 12 renewed style tracks, V.I.S.A. explores traditional Afro-Colombian music, Jamaican claimed influences Reggae and Dub, blending groovy funk and rock. The video clip of their first single V.I.S.A. namesake was shot in Los Angeles, a satire of the American dream. Three long years of hard work took between international tours, recovering lost recordings and many other stories to release their third studio-album discography.

V.I.S.A. comprises 12 songs full of their experiences inside and outside Colombia, with a glance of immigrant status in any part of the world and some thoughts full of satirical tone characterizing the band. This album work demonstrates the musical maturity acquired over 15 years of artistic life in Colombia along with venues in the US, Mexico, Ecuador and Canada. This album was executive produced by music entrepreneur Mauricio T. Lizarazo from Pachamama Culture label Kallpa Records, making another important contribution spreading Latin Alternative music around the world.

La Severa Matacera expands its aesthetics with strict musical arrangements. Their music is full on tight sound, rhythm and strong social content blending Ska, Reggae, Rock and Funk further to the roots of Afro-Colombian rhythms into World music extracts.