Brazilian Caravan @ yaam Brazil North East Festival

Brazilian Caravan

Eta Carinae / Rivotrill / Fim De Feira

@ yaam Brazil North East Festival

1° Mostra Internacional de Musica pernambucana


Forget Rio or Bahia the most musical state in Brazil is Pernambuco. This special showcase brings three exciting new bands from the Brazilian North East to Berlin Kreuzberg.

In 2011 a “caravan” with a hot selection of new and fresh artists from Pernambuco/Brazil will be on tour in Europe.

These Artists are making some of the most exciting music today in Brazil, combining traditional, popular and folk music with rock, jazz and electronica.

During the concerts, a sample of pictures showing the culture and natural beauty from Pernambuco/Brazil will be connected with the music on stage.

This caravan is ready to come to your city, your festival or your event, with support from the Brazilian government.


1th june – Madrid – Sala caracol/ Spain

3th june – Berlin – Yaam/Germany

4th june – Helsink – Finland

10th and 11th June–Oslo-Invik/Norway

17th June – Vigo – Spain

18th June – Porto–Maus hábitos/Portugal

19th June –London – Xoyo/England

23th June – Amsterdam roots festival-Sugarfactory/Holand

25th June – Cabaret sauvage-Paris – France








Brazilian roots, World grooves & electronic beats

During the last three years ETA CARINAE was touring through festivals, clubs and parties around Europe. Showing to the European citizens the fusion of Traditional Brazilian music from northeastern with modern and global references

Finland, Sweden, England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal are countries where the band has been. Pori Jazz (FI), Sfinks (BE), Urkult (SW), Pirineos sur (SP), Sudoeste (PT) are some of the major concerts where the band has played.

In 2010 the group stopped with the tours to produce a new album, called “Novos sons e tradicões mudernizadas” (translating: New sounds and the updated traditions). This album will be released in Brazil, Europe and USA during 2011.

You can download it for free!



Instrumental + jazz+ Brazil Northeastern rhythms

a fusion of jazz with the sound of music from northeastern Brazil.

Their sound is dense and full of originality, able to arouse differents views on music.











Winners of the prize of Brazilian music in 2009, in the category of “Best regional group”. They bring in their compositions the most significant northeastern rhythms tied to the creativity of poetry twine produced in Northeast Brazil. The band was founded with the aim of reconciling tradition and modernity in accordance with the artistic reality of large urban centers.