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Dear Tropicalistas, we are aware of the spate of Blogs in the social networks all talking a great deal of things about vinyl. Regardless of this fact we at Tropical Diaspora want to give our own touch about how we select and play music in our events, parties, mix tapes or live concerts. I, Dj Garrincha, together with the other resident Dj Dr.Sócrates, have created the experience behind Tropical Diaspora joined by other musicians and Djs who have played with us contributing to the Tropical Diaspora’s concept of music selection.

We have been playing in Berlin for many years using only vinyl records, although in some occasions DJs coming from other cities and countries have played with computers, for cheap flights and carrying vinyl records are in the most cases incompatible. But our guest DJs are themselves vinyl collectors or have a strong relation with the music they play and recognize the value vinyl records have. We are aware of the musical boundaries within which we work and, based on that principle, we have decided to share our passion for the musical heritage of many Diasporas worldwide in our own Blog called “Vinyl of the week” here at Tropical Diaspora.


The mission is not just to write another vinyl review but, on the contrary, to give our visitors and all interested people world wide a musical way of understanding what we do at Tropical Diaspora. The key word “Diaspora” (often with a capital D) is commonly used to describe the Jewish diaspora meaning the expulsion of the Jews from Israel back in the 8th and 6th century B.C. and later in the 2nd century A.D. from Jerusalem. For thousands of years there have been large-scale migrations driven mainly by economic causes, like the search for better chances in life. The term “Tropical Diaspora” itself is not exclusive—for example, it can be found in the book “Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba” that tells us about the Cuban Jewish community.

For us the word Diaspora is more than that and encapsulates our mission, i.e. to bring the Diaspora music close to people here in Berlin, which is the German city with the highest rate of immigrant population—with people coming from all over the world. We use Tropical Diaspora as a platform where everybody meets everybody and shares its passions and inspirations. Music is a very special cultural manifestation as it transcends national borders and blows up the boundaries of ethnic exclusion, prejudice and racism, all phenomena that are very present in European cities. They were present in the past and they are even stronger in these days of Neoliberal globalization. Against all kinds of bigotry we have to acknowledge that, in some way or another, we all are children of a Diaspora.

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