São Paulo, Recife, Olinda, João Pessoa

★16.01.16 in Olinda  @ TROPICASA

★19.01.16 in Recife  @ TERCA DO VINIL

★21.01.16 in Recife  @ MUNDO NOVO

★27.01.16 in João Pessoa @ CASA LARANJA

★04.02.16 in São Paulo @ PATUÁ DISCOS

★04.02.16 in São Paulo – PILANTRAGI @ MUNDO PENSANTE

★14.02.16 in São Paulo – SAMBA DO SOL @ URUCUM

★17.02.16 in São Paulo – Quarta é Feira com Vinil @ BEBO SIM





Edition “Records Caravan

Dj GArRinchA on tour in Brazil 2016 with the Tropical Diaspora® Records Caravan

Hello Tropicalistas in Berlin, after our last event last week me and the Tropical Diaspora will make a break for a while just to get some fresh inspiration in one of the Afro Diaspora regions in South America in this case the region called Brazil from where i come from, nevertheless the idea is the same and i will try to bring this thoughts to my people in Brazil, for example…
For us the term Diaspora is more then that and resumes our mission i.e. bring the diaspora music near to the people in this case here in Berlin. The city in Germany with the highest migration population with people coming from all over the world. We use Tropical Diaspora as the platform where everybody meet each other and share their passions and inspirations. I this very special case with music a transcendent form of culture that blow up the boundaries of ethnic exclusionism, prejudice or racism, phenomenas that are very present in the migration context in European cities in the past and stronger in these globalized days…

Mix Tape Bugiganga Tropical Preto

Dear Tropicalistas, i came to the YAAM Beach with a great record selection to close one of the best summers in the last years. I bring to you the new Tropical Diaspora BUGIGANGA mix tape. This one live recorded inna YAAM beach @ an der Schlingbrücke. This is the first live recording in the new yaam beach, a strictly vinyl set with more then 3 hours mixing the best of the diaspora music with the best from our Tropical Diaspora 2015. Inside Fela Kuti, Toni Tornado, Gilberto Gil, Edson Gomes, Chico Science, Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda, Elza Soares, Marcia Maria, and many many others! Just to relax and enjoy!
With a great introduction and epilogue by Tim Maia, o Síndico.

Let´s fell good! yours Dj GArRinchA!





★ For the first time in Europe the clash of two great Latin-american rhythms on the stage! ★

In Europe the clash of two great Latin-american rhythms on the stage! This night will stay in your memory for a long time! In Europa das Treffen der beiden großen lateinamerikanischen Rhythmen auf der Bühne! Diese Nacht wird in Ihrem Gedächtnis für eine lange Zeit bleiben! Na Europa el encuentro de dos grandes ritmos latino-americanos en el escenario! Esta noche permanecerá en tu memoria durante mucho tiempo! Na Europa, o encontro de dois grandes ritmos latino-americanos no palco! Esta noite vai ficar na sua memória por muito tempo!

Ahoi Tropicalistas, for the first time in Europe the clash of two great Latin-American rhythms Cumbia and Forró on the stage! “This night will stay in your memory for a long time!” with this phrase we began the promotion for our Forrúmbia party in Berlin last august. The idea got reality and more then 350 people dance non stop together 3 hours with both bands and in the after party with me Dj Garrincha and Bongo in the BiNuu venue in the heart of Kreuzberg! No doubt we will invest more time e energy on this matter to organize another one, but in the mean while you can check the unreleased live recording our great concert, here the Cumbia part with La Mula Santa! From the idea to put the two phenomenal south-american rhythms on the stage till the show last august was a long way and the results were just amazing with the best atmosphere we could wish in the night! The whole audience could dance with both bands. Thank You all and see you in the next Tropical Diaspora looking for the next Forrúmbia inna Berlin City.

TROPICAL DIASPORA VOL.37 ★ Featuring Super Spanish Combo ★ Teaser

WARNING!!! ★ The recording is raw and not clean but nevertheless don´t lose the energy and charisma this guys irradiate on the stage! and is contagious, it can be that you will dance all the time hearing this Broadcast ★ WARNING!!!

Hej Tropicalistas, we are proud to release the new Live Recording our last great Afro Latin concert inna YAAM featuring Super Spanish Combo from Barcelona! One of the highlights this summer for us Tropical Diaspora and anyway for the YAAM. Those Guys were in Berlin for more then 2 mouths everyday in the streets of Berlin, playing their great mix from HipHop Latin and Afro rhythms, the result was a full dance floor, our guest dance for more then 2 hours with the contagious songs of the Combo from Barcelona! Check it out!

Do you know Pachanga? Because we at the Tropical Diaspora don´t expect that everything we talk about in the tropical matter is something obvious let´s begin with the basics. Already Wikipedia know´s what Pachanga is or just let´s say they try to define it, also…

“Pachanga is a genre of music which is described as a mixture of son montuno and merengue. This type of music has a festive, lively style and is marked by jocular, mischievous lyrics. The name came about to describe the genre in Cuba in 1959.” and The Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto ” Che ” Guevara would say about the ideology of the revolution: “This is a socialism with pachanga ‘.”

Also in this special case with the Super Spanish Combo i could define Pachanga like that “Pachanga with responsibility and conscience” is what i call the Combo affinity to texts with strong content.

Yours Garra!



FLYER-A6-TRODIA-271115-1264x-Back-V1 FLYER-A6-TRODIA-231015-1264x-Back-V1